Where science meets simplicity, mixed with just a splash of southern sass. Spirited and straightforward still prove to be surprisingly scintillating. Bottoms up pups, lets get to training!

Looking for a comprehensive step by step guide with sophisticated explanations and instruction? Prefer subtle recommendations? At your wits end? Already a couple glasses in? Require elementary style breakdowns? Don't terrier-self up about it, you're not alone, check out our "Wine & Whiskers" submissions. We're happy to help. However, if keeping it real is more your style, If you prefer being delivered a comical and slightly sarcastic perspective, if you're a fellow professional looking for relatable content or you're all about that pug life, we think you'll enjoy our "Whiskey & Whiskers" parody. What the heck, live extravagantly, give them both a shot.

*pun intended*

Still have questions? Remain paws-itive, fill out my contact form and subscribe below.

But seriously,

I'll collie you later.

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