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Heather Rinaldi

"Jenny is one of the most admirable people I have ever met. Beautiful inside and out, she is one of the most knowledgeable, relatable, and honest people I know. It took literally one training class for my scared and uprooted rescued dog to trust and fall in love with her, and the rest is history. She is very hands on and despite the fact that we were in a group class, she was very good at catering to all her client's very individual personalities and needs, while still teaching us techniques as a group. Her wealth of knowledge when it comes to animals is especially extensive and very impressive. She is excellent at thinking outside of the box and was constantly researching, exploring, and presenting her students with different ways to tackle training our animals using positive reinforcement. Her methods are very effective, and her patience unlimited. She subtly trained the dog owners as well while working hands on with our animals, which is integral to the success of the process. Her ability to use positive reinforcement to train dogs from teacup to pit bull size is beyond any I have ever experienced, and to put that in perspective, I am a dog lover and rescuer who has a soft spot for hard to manage pit bulls. She has a presence that animals respect, and trains them in a way that makes them eager to please her and comply with her commands. Jenny made all the difference in our family's ability to successfully and positively interact with our rescue dog."


Anna & Oliver Owen

"Jenny came highly recommended to us so we knew right where to go when we got our Dalmatian puppy. Her passion for her work shines through in every interaction. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does and cares so much for her clients (both two-legged and four-legged). She is extremely knowledgeable and we have learned so much in just a few short weeks about how to best train our puppy!"

Image by Andreas Wagner

Dawn Ladney,
Foster coordinator for Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption

"I am a foster coordinator for a large rescue group. We acquire dogs from high kill shelters from all over the state of Texas. Not knowing these dog's past experiences is difficult because their experiences shape their current behavior. There are times when we get dogs into our program that have learned undesirable behaviors or at times, exhibit aggressive behavior toward other dogs. When we encounter difficult situations, we rely on Jenny's expertise to help us to correct these issues. Jenny's training/behavior knowledge is vast. She listens to our concerns, and then asks important questions to obtain the pertinent information in order to recommend a training plan. Her responses and recommendations are well thought out, relevant and very successful. It is clear that she loves her job because her attitude is always upbeat and friendly. She has a genuine desire to see her clients succeed and is so proud of them when they do. I love that she willingly shares her knowledge to help us understand the dog's current behavior issues, as well as what is triggering them, and explains how the handler's role is helping/hindering the dog's success. Through her organized methodology and positive reinforcement, she gives you the tools to encourage good behavior rather than punishing the bad behavior. I have learned so much from Jenny and would highly recommend her if you are looking for a positive reinforcement dog training professional."


Maddison Behnke

"I seriously don’t even know where to begin. I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. I took on the challenge to adopt a blind and deaf puppy several of years ago. As any dog owner knows when adopting a puppy comes with a lot of patients and training. I had no idea how I was going to train Stella. After being denied from several trainers I turned to YouTube for help. Unfortunately that failed. I thankfully got a call back from Jenny. We ended up meeting with her shortly after that phone call.. After several rounds of training Stella knows how to do the basic commands plus more. I also learned more about training than I would’ve ever learned if it wasn’t for Jenny. Jenny truly came into my life when I was defeated and lost. With no hesitation I would recommend Jenny. She knows what she’s doing and most importantly her heart is in her job! I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond for Stella and I. THANK YOU"

Black Dog

John Cullen

"Jenny is an excellent trainer (as well as training the human half of the equation) to get the most training out of any pet. Her attention to positive reinforcement during training and further training recommendations are outstanding. I have recommended her to many others seeking positive training for their pets and would highly encourage others to enlist in her classes."


Sara Sanders

"We met Jen in August 2017. We had just gotten a Great Dane puppy, Jeter, and we knew that we needed training to control what we knew would be a very large dog. We had started training classes at another organization and we were feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. The group class was large and the trainer was telling us that we had to “play rough” with our puppy and show him who the “alpha” was. I was taken back by this sort of training because in no way shape or form did I want to play rough with my dog. We met Jen purely by accident while shopping at Petco for training treats. We introduced her to Jeter and we began talking. I shared my frustrations with our current class and she was very professional and was very careful not to criticize another trainer’s methods. She did, however, offer us an alternative type of training, positive behavior reinforcement. She showed us a few tricks and got Jeter to sit and lay down, both of which we were unable to do in our previous training classes. My husband and I were sold and started classes with Jen the following week—-we never went back to the other class. We did individual classes with Jen for over a year and she really helped us understand our dog by learning what he was capable of and when we were asking too much. He learned his manners and was very well behaved. We moved onto CGC classes and "clicking for manners" classes. Jeter is over 200lbs now and will be 3 soon. We still go to classes with Jen because it is good enrichment for Jeter, but we also love Jen and the patience and care she shows to all of the dogs she works with. Her knowledge amazes me and I am often surprised by how much she knows for someone so young. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but she still manages to surprise me. We will continue with Jen for as long as she will put up with us! Oh, and no matter how well-behaved Jeter is, he still stops in the middle of class just to get love from Jen."

lucky lab.png

Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption

Jenny is absolutely amazing! Our rescue has nothing but incredible things to say about her talent, skills and patience. She has even fostered and helped train rescue dogs for us. No problem is too small or too large. We've hit her with some doozies. She is kind, compassionate and so caring. She is also 100% positive reinforcement, which is the way you want to go! We adore her and cannot say enough good things about her! She is intuitive and will listen thoroughly about your dog's issues. We give her an A plus, five star rating! (With five being off the charts great!)

Image by Jamie Street

Sherita Roberts

"Jenny is very knowledgeable about training. She takes time to create the best training plan for her clients based on their needs and the needs of their animal. Jenny takes the time to learn the newest methods and is flexible in her approach. I would, and have, recommended her often to friends and family. Her compassion and professional manner are above reproach."


Amy Cardwell

"When my family decided to adopt a puppy, we really had no idea what we were getting into. Although our parents had owned dogs growing up, my husband and I had never actually owned one ourselves. We adopted the most adorable 10 week old puppy that we were told was a Border collie/ shepherd mix. Within days we realized our dog was something much larger than any Border collie mix and we were overwhelmed with what seemed to be a stubborn puppy. We tried a few trainers but I couldn’t stand the advice I was getting that just felt wrong. I began calling and interviewing trainers and finally found Jen. I was immediately attracted to her positive reinforcement approach. Jen was happy to take on my request that we train as a family and welcomed my husband, our two young daughters, and myself into training classes. When we met Jen she recognized that our puppy, Wally, was most likely not the breed we thought, and probably fell into one of the livestock guardian dog breeds. Fortunately Jen had a great deal of experience with these breeds and understands how they think. Her insight taught me so much and helped our family bond and teach Wally. When we stopped viewing him as stubborn (as other trainers had said) and understood that he was born to think independently his actions made so much more sense. Reading up on the breed I found others saying they can’t be taught “tricks”, Jen quickly dispelled that myth. In no time at all she taught us how to get Wally to come, sit, lay down, stand, go to mat, stay, drop it, find it, touch, wipe his paws, sneaky dog… Over the years she has addressed other issues as they have come up, such as Wally not allowing me to brush through a matted area and developing a fear of nail trims. She has been there for us and assured we can give Wally the best quality of life possible. Because of her patient training (and that really involved far more patience with us than with Wally) we have an amazing relationship with a truly incredible dog. Jen is dedicated to her craft as a trainer and has the most compassionate heart for all living creatures. I could go on for hours telling you of the numerous animals she has literally saved and nursed to health in their need, but the important thing anyone can draw from my experience with Jenny is that she will always have your pet’s best interest at heart and she will openly pour her vast knowledge into helping every animal she encounters live their best life."


Kay & Steve Morrison

"It isn’t everyday that you meet another human being whose passion and heart for what they do just shines through. That is Jenny! Jenny makes the rest of us just want to soak it all up! Jenny had just moved to Illinois from Texas when she began training us! We learned so much and shared quite a few laughs along the way! We have recommended Jenny to many! Jenny is the the best! We
thank her and we wish her all the best in life!"


Tiffany Teel

"I’m thankful daily for the training my dog has now because of Jenny Wyffels. We really enjoyed her sharing her love and extensive training she has. I see his good habits all the time and find joy in Walking my dog daily. Jenny was so patient with us and we looked forward to learning from her so often. I’m very grateful we had the opportunity to have Jenny as our trainer. She definitely deserves high pay for what she can transform your dog into."


Pamela Foyt-Henley

"Jenny Wyffels is so full of energy for your fur babies and their parents! Our Zeus is the sweetest smartest boy thanks to her! You taught us as patiently as our pups. I wanted her to go home with us for a while!!! Jenny is the best and those who studied under her still sing her praises. Jenny has a loving soul that I miss... I knew when we trained with her that it was a moment that I would mark as SPECIAL."


Marsha Cooke Rodriguez Dolan

"Jenny was a fantastic trainer. She was very clear in her instructions on working with Lucy, my standard poodle. She helped me to realize how I was communicating to Lucy to get her to respond to my commands. Learned so much more in her class than I did in a class elsewhere."


Lana Rudinsky Cordero

"I had the honor of being Jenny's student for a little less than a year officially, but the bigger honor is still being in her life and learning lessons from her all the time. Jenny taught Charlie (and then Bella) and I so much, and helped us bond, and even gave Alexa, my daughter, such wonderful tools so that she too could teach and bond with them. There were times outside the classroom when she didn't have to help me, but she did. Jenny is an amazing trainer, an amazing woman, and I am so thankful that I walked into Petco one day and asked a question about a lead leash because that is where it all began for us, and I wish she was still here to take classes from because that was the highlight of my week."


John Hancock

This testimonial comes from a little different angle. I lead a truly wonderful Petco team, from top to bottom. Jen has played an integral part of this team, leading our Dog Training program over the last 3 years. The impact she has had in this area, as well as the overall culture in the store, has truly been remarkable. I have had a front row seat to witness Jen’s professional growth and the difference she has made in so many pet/pet parent relationships as well as her fellow co-workers. Now, I could go on with a lot more, however, I also have the responsibility of ensuring egos stay within this atmosphere. Let me just say that from a co-worker/friend perspective, you don’t encounter many better. From a passion for the enrichment and power of the pet/pet parent relationship, again, you don’t encounter many better, anywhere. She is truly an inspiration to others, myself included!


Jo Lynn Harris

"When I was looking for a trainer for my bulldog I found Jenny, she worked with Brody and he loved her. She was so good with him, he did really well... and if you know anything about bulldogs they can be stubborn to no end.. she always made her lessons fun and was willing to work with me and him if I had questions on anything.. I can't say enough great things about her she's one of the best trainers I have had for my Furbabies."

Image by Samuel Machala

Elizabeth Landry

 "Jenny Lea Wyffels is seriously the best person ever. She's a hard worker and smart and beautiful. She has princess hair and perfect skin. Before I met jenny the quad cities was like a positive reinforcement desert and then she came along like a tall glass of water. She's crazy smart and studies really hard and knows so much about dog training it's not even funny. She can train a dog to find the drugs and pivot heel and park it. And her dog? Rodeo? He has a perfect nose. Her other two dogs? Chloe and Fufa? They're great cuddlers. You want someone to help you train your dog? This woman. Right here. She'll go above and beyond her call of duty because she loves her job and she's really freaking awesome at it. She's professional without being too formal. And smart without being condescending. And knows the ins and outs of behavior modification. She's trained the birds and the butterflies. You'll walk out of her sessions with plans and confidence and a smile on your face. Looking for a dog trainer? Looking for a professional? Looking for someone who knows their sh*t? Jenny."


Kevin Young, 
Hospital Area Operations Manager - Petco

"I have had the pleasure to work with and get to know Jen over the last year and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who not only exhibits a greater passion for what she does but also is the best at building bonds of trust with not only the dogs she trains but the parents who love them. The best testament to Jen’s training is that she has an overwhelming number of cliental who continue to sign up with her for additional classes because of the life changing lessons their beloved pets received in the proceeding ones. I have observed her classes and have seen the look in the dogs eyes as they wait for the next direction and the look on the parents face as they are so grateful they made the decision to train with her. Jen’s credentials are amazing but more importantly, the results that she achieves are even greater. Parents bring their dogs to her with the hope of being trained and soon find out that a bond is built that is unmatched anywhere. Both with their dog and with her."


Julie and Maggie Doxstader

"My lab puppy, Maggie, and I were so fortunate to have been referred to Jenny Wyffels at Petco for obedience training. Little did I know her extraordinary level of expertise with dog training and behavior! Besides being our own "dog whisperer", she is a "human whisperer" as well! Jenny has taught me SO much about working with my puppy, answering all of my questions with such knowledge and patience. She's given me great confidence in my own training ability. Watching Jenny work with my puppy has been an amazing teaching tool for me. I can't describe how much Maggie and I have learned in just four months. Thanks to Jenny's passion, knowledge, patience, and expertise, my puppy is quite a "unicorn" and is on track to become a therapy dog in the future. Thanks, Jenny, for all you've taught Maggie and I. We both treasure you!"


Cheryl Chessmore Hare

"Seven years ago Jenny Wyffels helped me when I rescued a 4 yo miniature schnauzer, Rosie. I really knew very little about caring for a dog so Jenny's work was a lot about training me on how to handle my girl. She uses positive reinforcement & is kind beyond measure. She gave a toy candy cane to Rosie, which she loves to this day. I was very lucky to have Jenny's help on my journey to becoming a good fur parent."

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image by Yoav Hornung


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