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MJ Pawtography

Meet your photographer

Meet Liz, your fellow pet enthusiast and dog photographer; pictured above

Welcome to a world where each wag of the tail and every expression is transformed into timeless art. Meet Liz, our award-winning dog photographer, whose passion for capturing the essence of your furry companions is unparalleled. Whether against the backdrop of nature's wonders or in the comfort of our studio, Liz crafts visual narratives that celebrate the unique personality of your pets. Positive reinforcement is a fundamental aspect of effective dog training, fostering a relationship built on trust and encouragement. Liz utilizes positive reinforcement techniques in her own home with her dogs. When it comes to capturing your furry friends through the lens, choosing a dog photographer like Liz, who applies these principles, ensures not only stunning photographs but also a stress-free experience for your canine companions. This approach guarantees that during photoshoots, dogs are treated with kindness and rewards, eliminating the need for coercive methods that might distress them. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their beloved pets will be well taken care of, creating a harmonious environment that allows for genuine and heartwarming moments to be beautifully captured.

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