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More about the Social STARS

Our Social STARS are a paws-itively amazing bunch of pet parents and their sidekicks on a mission to brighten lives through therapy work. Social STARS are like SUPERcharged, SUPERsoft, good vibes machines, lending a helping paw to those in need of a little extra joy in their day. 

Social STARS aren't your average Therapy dogs/Therapy dogs in training, they're breaking the mold. Not all dogs enjoy receiving love and attention while stationary for extended periods of time and not all therapy dogs need to! Infact, sometimes we NEED dogs who have a little more "go" in order to facilitate a variety of requested interactions via therapy. 
Social STARS work to develop skills that can...



Many of our Social STARS are already ATD Certified, and the rest are on their way, they're all geared up to be the ultimate happiness heroes! And let's not forget about our Junior Social STARS these little rockstars are mastering all the skills needed to join the big leagues in spreading laughter and love wherever life leads them...or wherever their parents drive them, no Social STARS have acquired their drivers' licenses...yet!

  • Assist patients working on regaining their fine motor skills through play

  • Possess the ability to interact with those who utilize alternative means of communication

  • Entertain anyone who enjoys watching their impressive tricks

Text: "Shooting Star" to 469.450.8118 to learn more

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