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Jenny Lea is the Owner and head Trainer of K911 Concepts and Cooperative Canine Concepts. 


Jenny Lea is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers - or CCPDT. Jenny specializes in working with Law Enforcement as well as treating dogs who exhibit fear, anxiety, reactivity, aggression or atypical behaviors. Jenny is an active member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants - IAABC (as well as many other organizations.)  Jenny's passion in this field has provided her with well over a decade of experience. Among other specialties Jenny is passionate for cooperative care/enrichment-based courses (for both human and companion) with unwavering commitment to bringing you the most up to date and innovative training methods available. 


By staying up to date on new methods, techniques and developments in the industry Jenny has been afforded many unique opportunities, granting her experience in training for narcotic detection, tactical deployment, apprehension/tracking, herding, behavior modification (dogs exhibiting fear, anxiety, reactivity, aggression or atypical behavior), task training, therapy dog work - specifically play therapy, and advanced trick dog training.

"Errors are not necessary for learning to occur. Errors are not a function of learning or vice versa nor are they blamed on the learner. Errors are a function of poor analysis of behavior, a poorly designed shaping program, moving too fast from step to step in the program, and the lack of the prerequisite behavior necessary for success in the program.

- (B.F. Skinner, The Technology of Teaching, 1968)

 Using the application of applied behavior analysis, Jenny helps build thoughtful and custom training plans with well-defined goals to fit you and your dog's specific needs. As a proud advocate for positive reinforcement training methods, adhering to LIMA (Least Intrusive, minimally aversive) Jenny ensures training is enjoyable for both you, and your pet.


Jenny understands it can become stressful to see your pet as their behavior problems, especially when those behaviors prove dangerous and difficult to manage. Your dog is not to be labeled by a single moment or behavior they're exhibiting. Behavior labels such as fearful, aggressive, anxious or reactive do not define your dog but rather define what your dog is feeling or exhibiting in that very moment.


As a behavior consultant Jenny's goal is to alleviate the challenges our animals face by giving them (and you) the tools required to feel confident and secure through training coupled with careful and precise environmental management.

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