We are proud to provide virtual animal training & behavior solutions nationwide, and in person sessions throughout the Quad Cities - IA/IL and surrounding areas.

How can we help?

Here we help to build thoughtful and custom training plans with well defined goals to fit you and your dogs specific needs. As a proud advocate for positive reinforcement training methods, adhering to LIMA (Least Intrusive, minimally aversive) Cooperative Canine Concepts ensures training is enjoyable for both you, and your pet.

The human half to animal training...

Getting help can be difficult, even embarrassing.
At Cooperative Canine Concepts we feel it is important to possess compassion and understanding for the psychology behind human emotion & behavior, as well as the animal's.
Rest assured we are passionately mindful of this, and promise you'll always feel an abundance of support.

You will never feel judgement passed onto you for previously failed attempts at training, past methods, equipment, or your dog's current behavior displays. We are far too focused on your future to let what brought you here slow us down.
We're ready when you are.

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