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Rescue Puppy


The first step.

required for dogs exhibiting atypical, fearful, anxious or aggressive behaviors. Behavior consults require an intimate understanding of your dog's individual history. This initial assessment will help me ensure the health and safety of your pet while determining the best training/modification plans in order to begin assisting you. This assessment MUST be completed prior to participating in behavior consultations/private sessions.

Online Learning.


Online sessions from the comfort of your home.

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- Mechanics
- Attitude
- Growth
- Independence
- Clarity


Real training for real deployment

Catered to the working dog, we offer innovative starts and solutions pertaining to detection, tracking, tactical deployment & apprehension while focusing on precise, safe, functional control.
These sessions are specifically designed to assist law enforcement and private detection agencies. Please contact us for more information please email:

No matter if you're working with a young puppy, a competition sport candidate, advanced tricks, service dog tasks or behavior modification, all of us can benefit from the "magic" of clean mechanics and multiple marker systems. Confidence, communication, coordination and clarity are all vital components for human and animal during training. This 6 week course is suitable for all breeds, all ages and all disciplines.
Course objectives:
- What is a Marker?
- Developing marker recognition.
- The benefits of *location specific markers* and how to apply them.
- The fundamentals of free-shaping.
- Paw targeting
- Front and back.
- Head targeting.
- Ready stations/intro to cooperative care.



Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet


Fear Free Professionals are committed to giving your animal a voice and a choice. I will design training plans that are catered to your pet in order to reduce the stress felt whilst providing everyday care, such as nail trims, ear cleanings, brushing and vaccinations. Does your dog become stressed, anxious or aggressive during these tasks? My goal is to eliminate the stress felt for both human and pet. By giving your pet an abundance of choice while implementing the proper training and preparation we will ensure comfort and understanding throughout the process for an array of procedures. Local? I will provide on-site training support during "victory visits" as well as during necessary exams. *This may require contact with your veterinarian, as I am dedicated to providing complete and comprehensive care.

Everyday care can be stressful, let us eliminate that, for both of you.

No matter where you live, we can help you. Remote consultations are convenient for a multitude of reasons. We will converse over Zoom or over the phone to discuss your training objectives and design a plan best suited to your needs. Maybe you're in need of help finding a reputable trainer near to you, or maybe there simply aren't any in your area. Maybe you have simple puppy raising questions or are experiencing more in depth behavioral problems. Here to help, Cooperative Canine Concepts is proud to offer convenient and affordable sessions from the comfort of your home.

We do not offer basic obedience courses, but we are happy to refer you to Trainer's in your area for further assistance. 


After completing your intake assessment, it's time to start training towards a better, brighter and  more comfortable future. Behavior problems can be troubling but behavior is just a signal, and a vital one. I'm here to help you learn to better understand and interpret your pets behaviors and shift your focus on what drives them. I will build personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs while providing you with step by step guidance in order to help you achieve your training goals with ease and efficiency. When working with an animal I'm mindful to always take into consideration your companion's emotional state. With clear, precise training plans, compassion, consistency, kindness and an abundance of choice we can begin to effectively modify your dog's behavior, ultimately strengthening your relationship in the process. 

*This may require contact with your veterinarian, as I am dedicated to providing complete, ethical and comprehensive care.

"Beneath every behavior there is a feeling and beneath every feeling is a need."

The benefits of participating in nosework activities far exceed competition.

 The physical activity, mental stimulation and confidence building provided through engaging your dog's olfactory senses

(while affording them a unique cognitive outlet) will help your dog BLOOM.

These classes are for all dogs, all ages and all breeds. 

*We do not currently cater to competitive nosework*

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