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The Tricks to Tactility

Here we learn TRICKS - with a purpose! While your initial course will revolve mainly around teaching the behaviors necessary to build on husbandry skills for level 2, you'll still have tons of fun, and so will your companion! So what is Cooperative Care? We're glad you asked! 

There are many different behaviors one could teach in order to acquire clear “Permission for care.” Think of these behaviors (tricks) as a way for your dog to communicate “No” (red light) and “Go” (green light.) This isn’t a way for your dog to “consent” per say, rather it’s a behavior that has a significant, and consistent history of being paired with good things in association with unique handling. Your dog's previous learning history (time spent practicing this trick) would tell your dog that if they participate in this behavior it is very likely that you’ll begin to handle them in some way, granting them a more clear picture of what is about to occur, and the consequences of their choice to participate.


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