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Behavior Modification

Suitable for dogs exhibiting anxiety, aggression, fear, reactivity or compulsive disorders.

You may only participate in behavior modification courses AFTER completing our intake assessment. Behavior consults require an intimate understanding of your dog's individual history. The goal of this initial assessment will be to offer insight into your dog's behavior, health, and overall environment/lifestyle. First you'll fill out your intake form, providing us with a detailed history is required in order to ensure the health, and safety of your pet while determining the best training/modification plans in order to begin assisting you in reaching your training goals.

It's time to start training towards a better, brighter, and  more comfortable future. Behavior problems can be troubling, but behavior is just a signal, and a vital one. We're here to help you learn to better understand and interpret your pet's behaviors, and to shift your focus on what drives them. We will build personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs while providing you with step by step guidance in order to help you achieve your training goals with ease and efficiency. With clear, precise, training plans, compassion, consistency, kindness and an abundance of choice we can begin to effectively modify your dog's behavior, ultimately strengthening your relationship in the process. 

*This may require contact with your veterinarian, as we are dedicated to providing complete, ethical and comprehensive care.

"Beneath every behavior there is a feeling, and beneath every feeling is a need."

Image by Ryan Walton
Image by freddie marriage
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