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Hannah Malmgren

Hannah is a LIMA based trainer who enjoys seeing pets and pet parents thrive together. Hannah's focus is on the relationship you have with your pup, and how to maintain and build trust and cooperation. 


Hannah's background is in boarding, which gave her an extensive insight to dog behavior, body language and handling. This coupled with her unique experience of being placed with a service dog fueled her drive to continue furthering her education and experience with training.


Seeing how impactful of a role positive reinforcement can play for both fearful animals and working dogs helped shape her methodology in training. Now Hannah enjoys helping clients with reactivity, handling sensitivities, leash skills and home manners.


When not training with clients, Hannah can be found working on scent detection, cooperative care, trick training, working on dog sports, or learning more about handling and training handi-capable dogs.


Hannah looks forward to meeting you and your pups!

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