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Companion dog services

At Cooperative Canine Concepts we focus on taking a comprehensive approach to animal training. Instead of highlighting problem behavior, we shift your sights to instead identify the behavior you would like to see out of your pet. We will work with you to identify what may be inhibiting your pet's ability to offer those more desirable behaviors, make adjustments as necessary, collaborate with your veterinarian when needed, and last - but not least, we'll teach you how to train them! Cooperative Canine Concepts believes in employing the most up to date methods possible, we follow LIMA - Least intrusive, minimally aversive, and work tirelessly to ensure training is enjoyable for both you, and your companion.  Although we specialize in atypical behavior displays (fear, anxiety, aggression, reactivity, compulsive disorders etc.) we also offer:

  • Foundations courses -  focusing on communication, multiple marker systems, conceptual learning and proprioception.

  • Husbandry courses - focusing on cooperative care.

  • Nose work courses - focusing on enrichment, air scenting and tracking. 

  • Customized courses - focusing on tricks, advanced obedience, public access skills. and task training for service dog candidates. 

We trust that by choosing to enlist the aid of Cooperative Canine Concepts you're committed to training methods that will provide positive experiences for both you and your companion. Fear Free and adhering to LIMA, we provide your dog with ample choice while equipping them with the tools, behaviors and environment necessary to create advantageous circumstances for both human and dog. Cooperative Canine Concepts feels strongly that techniques which employ dominance theory and intimidation are outdated and unnecessary. Science has moved forward and we've made the exceptionally easy choice to do the same! Each of us have access to the knowledge and skill-set required to do better, Cooperative Canine Concepts is simply here to help guide you along the way.

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